Mar 05

Practice Detachment

“He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.”
Meister EckhartLessons to Learn:  Practicing DetachmentDetachment allows us to separate ourselves from the demands of our physical existence and reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  Detachment allows us to put events as they occur into perspective.  It eliminates the ego and gives us the chance to see things from outside of the experience.

In your daily life you are confronted by challenging situations and people that cause you to forget your true self, the DIVINE you.

During these moments it is important to remember, the reasons people respond as they do in any situation.  It is because of their thinking, feelings, and reactions to an event.
The way they treat you is never because of you.  It is always because of their thinking in response to a situation.

The way you respond to events in life and others is also because of your own thinking and feelings.  Not because of someone else.

It is easy to say, “You made me”, or “Because of you”, but these are only expressions used by a person who made choices they are not willing to accept responsibility for making.

Stay in control of your ego and witness any given situation by truly seeing it for what it is.  Practice detachment.  Remember who you are.  Feel compassion for others and the lessons they are learning but do not become part of the drama.   We all have a journey to complete in this incarnation. Detachment is a lesson we must learn. The better we are able to detach from stressful situations the better we are able to control our energy levels and empower ourselves.

Staying focused in the moment will allow you to be detached when necessary; maintaining your true self, your true identity, the true you
“When you become detached mentally from yourself and concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self-giving is a personal power-releasing factor.”

Norman Vincent Peale


Practice Detachment


Dec 23

Unlikely Teacher

 I watch as they soar over my head riding the air currents, gliding.  They fly effortlessly, hardly flapping their massive wings while catching the next wave of air to lift them higher.  They seem to fly for the pure joy of it. Playing in the air. Seeing which of them could float the currents the longest as they ascend and descend with grace.

I’ve grown to love this bird and have spent hours watching them during my breaks while hiking or visiting scenic locations in Texas this past year.  Who’d have known I’d develop such an appreciation for the buzzard.

buzzardtreeYes, I have seen a “Texas Picnic”. (A gathering of buzzards around roadkill.)  I will admit I winced at the first few sightings and found it unsettling.  I was reminded of a phrase I read in The Tantric Mysticism of Tibet, by Blofeld,  “see Nirvana in everything around us, hear all sounds as mantras and see all beings as Buddhas.”  

I have spent some time in meditation over the buzzard recently.  I opened myself to learning from this Buddha.  I know!  Buzzards as a meditation focus, go figure!


Turkey Vulture

During my reflections, I realized I was biased. Vultures are less majestic than other birds and their diet seemed unsavory to me. Where was the beauty here?  So I watched. From my most basic of observations, buzzards serve a great purpose to humans. Because of us, there is roadkill. Turkey and black vultures clear the remains. It was a start and I eased my way into my quest into a deeper understanding of this creature and why it had been put on my path.


Black Vulture

During my meditations, the buzzard showed me I was intolerant and impetuous.  I had made  some abrupt judgements about them as well as other aspects of life that jaded my perspective.  Good/Bad. Ugly/Pretty. Productive/Sterile.  No person or situation is as it seems.  I needed to hear that. AGAIN.  My unlikely teacher taught me to rise above to truly see what lies before me. They taught me to be patient and resourceful before making any decisions.

The perfect lesson at the perfect time.  Spirit has a way of providing us with what we need.  We need to ask and be observant for the answers.  We also need to be open to lessons however they may arrive, even if the teacher is a vulture.

No such thing as coincidence.


Dec 03


You are not your thoughts, your emotions, your body, your money, your career or your property.” Aryeh Kaplan


DECEMBER IS A MONTH OF PARADOX. December brings us the shortest days of the year and the longest periods of darkness. It IS during this season of darkness that, in many communities, we experience the greatest light.

In December many celebrate holidays that focus on light: Light amid darkness. Hanukah, the Jewish festival of lights, and Christmas, birth of Jesus are both holidays that remind us that when things seem the darkest there exist light, peace and hope.

There is always light. When we choose to see ourselves as one with the Universe/ GOD, we become part of the light. When we see GOD in others, we share the light and it shines more brightly. Both holidays focus on faith and miracle of light. The miracle of light is demonstrated in the good will shown throughout this month by those who chose to perpetuate the message taught during this season.

Make a conscious decision to be a source of light in the world, not just during December but throughout the year.

“A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle”  (Proverb)


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